New Innovations in Online Casino Gambling

Your neighbor gets three full days, comp’d,  at his favorite casino.  But you just get the same old buffet.  What’s wrong with you?   Goodness knows you have lost plenty of money at that casino.  Why don’t you get the great offers?

The answer is … they don’t know you.

If you rely solely upon your comp card (sometimes called a players card), then you are getting minimum response from your casino.  What you need to do is enhance your image…

Here’s a short list of things to do for better comps:

*1  Talk to the floor managers.  These guys have the power to give you dinner, free drinks, and a whole lot more.  Take some interest in them as a person.  Ask questions.  If they like you, they can give your name to a casino “host.”

*2  A casino host can be your “friend in the casino business.”  He’s a guy most people think only deals with high-rollers.  But a casino host can get you great (or free) rooms, offer free travel, and get expensive show tickets.  They too, have the comp powers, and if you treat them with respect (and don’t whine)- they will be inclined to help you.  I once asked my Beau Rivage Casino host to try and get me a good room in another town, with another casino.  I was comp’ed for two days, just on the say-so of my host. online casino singapore

*3   If you are a table game player, try to get more continuous minutes at the table.  If a floor manager tracks your play for extended times, you’ll get better rates.  On the other hand, darting in and out of tables makes the floor managers crazy, and they’ll eventually stop tracking you at all.

*4  If you are a slot player, play higher value slots.  The casinos pay better comps on more expensive machines.  You can try to “save money” by playing penny slots, but the casinos do not value this play very much.

*5  Sign-up for email offers.  I once wrote to 20 different casinos asking to be placed on their promotions list.  In hard times like these, I have received offers to “stay for free” from no less than 5 of them.  They NEED gamblers, and contrary to urban myths, casinos are not recession proof.  If they are struggling, they will make some very attractive offers.

*6  Pick one casino and don’t “spread it around.”  You’ll get much better comps from one casino that knows you- than from 25 casinos that don’t know you.   Pick a large hotel casino and stay put!

And finally, if your neighbor is always bragging how Caesars’ Palace takes care of him, it’s probably because he plays on a frequent basis.  Don’t expect great comps if you only gamble once every four years.  The system is designed for repeat players.


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