The Future of Micro Blogging

Worldwide, people are warming up to the idea of micro blogging. It is often that you will log onto Twitter and find your friends having commented on the scores to a certain tournament that is being played on your favorite tuft. Twitter became so popular that the website once even tried to trademark the word tweet. There are millions of followers online as you read this.

Therefore, the million-dollar question that you are likely to hear 소액결제현금화  if you have not is, What next for Twitter?

Is it going to remain the mighty powerhouse it is? Have in mind that it does not generate revenue of its own. There has been continuous debate and suggestions that Twitter will soon go commercial

For today’s businesses to make more progress in reaching the vast audience available in the social networking site, tweeter is planning to have paid-for accounts that the organizations can use to profile their businesses.

There is more to it than just getting additional privileges when you sign up for a commercial user account. With the premium payments, you will also get to enjoy premium services that individual users do not get.

If you are wondering what advantage there is to having a premium business account as compared to what every other follower has, Twitter wants to give you a cut above the rest when it comes to business-geared interfaces.

If Twitter went commercial tomorrow, other than rabbits, some things you would expect to come out of the magician’s hat include security measures like account verifications. Traffic monitoring tools will also be in the mix.

In case all you do is log on to Twitter to catch up with the latest jabber and have no plans of setting up a business account, then there are some things you may require to put up with. Expect a targeted advert sneaked into some of the pages you like visiting.

These among other fears are those that Twitters should be very cautious about how they introduce the concept of premium versus free to use accounts. There needs to be some way to convince people that there will be no privileged users who get first class treatment because of money.


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